ByDésirée KAPTCHE DEFFO

Motivation can be defined as the reason why somebody does something or act in a particular way. It is a feeling of enthusiasm, interest or commitment toward what we have to do. Motivation is the force that helps one to move a mile further or to invest oneself to the fullest in whatever one is doing.  Therefore, motivation is the key to any successful activity in life including teaching. Motivations are of different kinds and nature and they can be seen from different angles. Looking closely into the matter, we can ask the following questions. What type of motivation does a teacher need to be committed to his profession? How can motivation help in increasing the level of commitment into unionism?

Everyone needs motivation. From children to adults, from the common house help to the head of state, for it takes everyone a good amount of strong will (internal force) and an external force to get up in the morning and attend to his / her duties. If babies as young as six months needs to be flattered in order to crawl what more of adult teachers? The right question here is what type of motivation do we need as teachers to be committed to the teaching profession? Let’s consider the analysis in the two above mentioned perspectives.

The internal force is that which leads a teacher to want to give in his possible best and to want his best to be enough for the purpose. To better understand this we have to question the purpose. First the purpose of choosing the teaching field rather than any other one:  Why did you go to higher teacher training college rather than ENAM, POLYTECH, EMIA, IRIC, ASTI among other prestigious professional schools in this country? Second the purpose of going in for the best? What is the best for you? For the students?For other teachers?For the school environment?And for the society? So finally, what drives you out every day to your job site and makes you feel sad when you haven’t achieved your goal in a particular class, when you haven’t played your role in a particular school and when you didn’t act in time in a particular community as a teacher is what we call internal motivation.

The external force concerns the measures put in place to enable you achieve the best both in your profession and in your life. In this vein the Cameroon constitution and the rules and regulations governing the education field are the main resources that can gear you towards the right path.  After loving your job and giving in your possible best for the profession you expect the other stake holders to consider your input and treat you accordingly. At this particular stage, you are at the junction between your inner monsters and the commitment for a just cause. Since the public powers and the government almost always stand as an oppressive force. There is few alternative left for the committed teacher that you are : either lying low and keeping a low profile, or stand for who you are and join a union.

At this juncture, the choice remains, yours but remember: If you don’t stand for your rights, no one will.