Once an educator, always an educator! Let’s take the challenge


The latest news on the situation of the Corona Virus Disease 19 pandemic in our country reveals that we have reached the phase of contamination whereby everyone in the street may be a potential bearer of the disease. In other words, the disease is said to be all over the place in more than five regions of our country. If we had been concerned from the day the very first case was discovered, it is now our utmost duty to bring a positive impact in our close environment so as to end up impacting the entire society. There is a saying that goes in my village “sweep your compound and the entire village shall be clean”. The time has come for us to question our commitment to the development of this country. Let no one say he/she can’t do anything for there is always something you can do. Search deep down in you and ask yourself what you can do to bring your own stone to this building. Yes of course it is a building or more realistically a re-building of our fatherland. Behold nothing is too small to do in times of war and crises. Remember, the omission of a comma may change the meaning of a sentence. What more of a simple gesture you may do to help your neighbor comply to the government and WHO measures. A little survey in my area reveals that in a sample of ten people, two do not even believe that this disease is in our country, two think it is God’s punishment for those who have brought this country to its present condition and those two keep on going to churches, organizing night vigils and other spiritual activities based on faith in groups. Three are very conscious of the danger and they are so stressed up that they need to be comforted in one way or the other. They need all the gadgets prescribed and more so they need psychological assistance.The remaining three believe it is better they die trying to feed and take care of their families than to sit back and watch them all die of hunger before they join them. It may be different in your various vicinities; you may decide to use a bias sampling technique and focus on the members of your extended family; or you may just take a close look at your neighbors. One never knows. This survey did not take me an hour since it was at random; neither did it ask me a penny. I just wore my mask and my gloves in an evening and walked on 500 meters. Now if I want to help someone during this time of crisis, I know who need my help around me and more importantly what type of assistance they need. What am I saying in a nutshell. The COVID19 pandemic is a challenge to all but a bigger one to us educators. We are all at the war front but the society is watching us committed teachers. Bear in mind that your effort may not even be appreciated. Some people would even deny your help or ridicule you. Never mind for nothing good comes easy

Stay safe and save our country